This was my first time learning and designing packaging. It was a great experience working with SIG Tech and brainstorming new concepts that can solve and uncover subconscious user problems. This was a team project with Lisa Chang (Graphic Design) and Sarah Moon (Product Design). Below are my concepts with our overarching insights and opportunities that were developed as a class.

Safe and Sound | Cap Scratch - Sarah

Open Sesame | Flip N Flow - Michelle

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That | Squeeze It - Lisa

I'll Have What She's Having | Pix Pouch - Lisa

Delivery and Display | Pitcher Perfect- Sarah

Identity and Practicality | Colorfold - Michelle

As a class we divided into groups to conduct retail observations and packaging use interviews. Our team focused on six main categories. Each of us tackled 2 different categories that also incorporated a mixture of other insights and opportunities.




Each package was designed for different insights and opportunities, which are respectively below each concept.

These are ideation sketches that I drew to help imagine different uses and functional purposes for the user, which led me to creating Flip N Flow and Colorfold. 

What I Learned

This was my first time experiencing the wholesome process of redesigning packaging through our own research and experience. This project has lead me to meet many different type of people whether it is majors, working habits, or priorities. We shuffled group members multiple times when developing research and ideation. Taking what I learned from other group projects, I try to understand where every member stands in their commitment, priorities, and working habits, in order to encourage engagement in our team project. Even if a teammate is slacking, that should not hold us down. Instead, we picked up their slack