REDEFINING SPORT with video game technology

This project was created with Michelle Kim from our love of playing video games and sports.

I focused on making the project feasible through consideration of marketing, expenses/revenue, user acquisition and branding. Together we discussed the general rules and outline of our sport. This project was scaled for 12 weeks in which we tackled the rules, arena, standard gear, non-standard gear, and branding.



EA Sports not only inspires the world to play, but also refines sport by merging aspects of video games and sports to create the new next generation sport, Sports that are not only health tools, but also for play.


We built our sport with the understanding the mechanics of both gaming and sports, which we defined as: skill based (balance, precision, endurance, control, speed, agility), strategy, competitive, and testing the limits of human performance.

Our goal was to prepare RE: TAG as a contender for LA's 2028 Summer Olympics Exhibition Sport category while targeting the incoming young adults.


Generation Z embraces technology and is disconnecting with sports as a form of entertainment, but as a tool for health and wellness.

We found that Generation Z are more active than Millennials in sports especially in running.

They seek games as an alternative for entertainment, but are willing to This shows that they are willing to participate in sports.



We based RE: TAG on a mixture of parkour and tag, and common themes that we discovered in popular online video games.



We set our guidelines with what we understood from our research on Generation Z. We needed to create social interaction beyond the screen, captivate Generation Z's attention, and boost their self esteem through style and confidence.


These themes included multiplayer team based, communication (taunts, dance, spray), competitiveness, RNG (Random Number Generator) Loot, and customization.



There are two ways , virtually or physically. 

The virtual aspects would be through applications downloadable as a game through VR gear s+upported by Oculus/Google/HTC/Sony Playstation/smartphone/PC or visiting a VR Cafe with single or multiplayer setup use.

The physical aspects would include membership to specific Re-envisioned gyms that are supported by Nike/Adidas/Under Armour/LA Fitness/24 Hour Fitness that are fully equipped with the arena, standardized equipment to check out, and referees.







The standardized arena is mirrored and reflected for balance on both sides of the field. The referee room is located away from the arena that consists of screens to monitor gameplay


The arena is the size of a soccer field.  The purple dots are possible boost locations that are randomly generated.

As you can see on the right, the arena is similar to a parkour park with users having the capability to 'tag' on walls to signify locations and communicate with their team or opposing team.

The standardized gloves include push to talk, drawing capabilities, and the abillty to gain points through tagging.

The standardized AR goggles have live stream capabilities for viewers to watch their favorite player's point of view in the game. It also includes a constant voice feed option as well as AR visuals in the game to see the boosts.

The bone conduction audio receiver helps the players communicate with their team while listening to sounds on the field.

RE: TAG apparel is required to have at least 15 feet of LED/EL WIRE that is compatible with the RE: TAG system to signify being tagged out, tag zone sensor on the back, energy generation fabric.

We each designed one set of apparel with footwear.

My team was USA and Michelle Kim's team was South Korea. Our color swatches were based on the country's flag.

I used an additional shade of blue to indicate the areas that had the AR color shift smart mesh. 

The features include smart power mesh that color shifts brightness in AR, 15 feet of RGB lighting, and is made from a blend of polyester and spandex to create a compression fabric that also 


After being tagged out, players have 20 seconds of invulnerability. All their LED/EL WIRE turn off until 20 seconds are up for the players to re-position themselves.

Footwear for RE: TAG needs stability for balancing on pipes, agility and light weight, all round movement to bend around corners, and high traction for quick pivots. 

What I Learned

There was a lot to cover in a short amount of time. This was definitely an interesting experience working with Michelle Kim as we have very different perspectives. Organization and planning was crucial for us to execute each item that we wanted to accomplish.

Initially, the biggest hurdle that we had to overcome was explaining the rules in an interesting and engaging way. Listening to us talk about the rules was not exciting even though we were passionate about our topic, so I created a video that can explain the rules thoroughly with animations to keep it interesting.

Through an unfortunate event of data loss, we learned to prioritize high value with low cost to get as much we can done by our last critique.