Formula M3X

Michael Song, Michelle Kim, Michelle Wang, Xinyao Liu

14 week long sponsored project from Honda. The topic was to design a new Honda/Acura sedan for the year 2030+ in relation to autonomous cars (level 3-4).

This was a transdisciplinary class, my team consisted of two product designers, one graduate product designer, and one transportation designer.

My role in this project was to design the interior interface for the seating and the putting together the video. We worked on research together.

We wanted to keep Honda's values of being family oriented and bring it to Acura's values of precision, crafted, and performance.

Initial Ideation Sketches

Interior Windshield and Seating Control User Interface Ideation

Refined User Interface for Seating Control

Refined Windshield User Interface made by Xinyao

Color and Material

Interior Modeling by Michael

Seating Positions

What I Learned

Everyone has a different background, major, and upbringing, but as a team, we should all have the same goal in mind. There are an infinite number of ways that it can be achieved, and there is not right or wrong decision. I learned that communication, equal understanding, and compromise is a must. There will always be someone that has more knowledge than me, but what's important is how we can take our insights, perspective, and values to envision a different outcome and all the possibilities that could be done.