Enhancing the gaming experience by elevating the physical health and performance of the gamer

My teammates were Jody Wung, Chenchen Fan, and Jasveer Sidhu. 

There are many aspiring professional gamers that would encounter a slump or hurdle in their gaming career, and AVA is here to help enhance and improve gaming performance.

We were brainstorming how we can help guide and assist gamers to quantify data as feedback without being disruptive. 

This is a scenario that we came up with to tackle frustrations when playing games professionally. We created an experience parallel to how athletes would train themselves and warm up before a game.


What I Learned

This was my first team project. My overall experience was very diverse. Brainstorming and group feedback was very constructive and productive, but it turned frustrating when teammates showed up without work. The most important thing that I learned is to have everyone be on the same page in regards to priorities, respect, what we would like to do, and communication. Conflict and frustration is common, but professionalism is crucial. It's not about you or me. It's about the project and our users.